Combo Unit Accessories(click for info)

Combo Unit Accessories(click for info)
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  • Item #: wk-1
  • Manufacturer: Preferred Metalfab Inc.

Please call to order or check stock - 763-552-0127.

You will get even more use out of your bodybuilder combo machine once you add some of of our accessories to it.

Check out the Shear/Brake Combo and the Box and Pan Brake tabs for more info.


Wheel Kit-                                                         $275.00

Support Tubes(8 in a set)-                                  $100.00

3/16" Radius Bar-                                              $150.00

1/4" Radius Bar-                                                $150.00

5/16" Radius Bar-                                              $150.00

3/8" Radius Bar-                                                $150.00

1/2" Radius Bar-                                                $150.00

Electric Bend Stop-                                            $250.00

Shear Back Stop-                                              $375.00



Checkout our demo video for a closer look and to see our machines

and accessories in action.



Optional electric bending stop allows you to setup for a bend

and bend multiple parts exactly the same.


Optional Shear stop allows you to shear multiple parts to the same size with accuracy.


Optional support tubes(sold in sets of 8) on the front and

back of the shear and brake are like a built in table to

help handle large sheets.


Our optional wheel kit allows you to safely move the

machine right to where you are working and roll it

out of the way when you are done.



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