Edge Roller

Edge Roller
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  • Item #: ER-1
  • Manufacturer: Preferred Metalfab Inc.

The Edge Roller is used for creating a smooth, even hem on curved or straight edges such as wheel wells. This tool allows you to roll the edges while the part is mounted on the car. It can be used free hand or can be mounted to a table depending on your preference.

Step 1: Put material into rollers, squeeze handles tight and adjust clamp tightly. Use corner as guide for a uniform hem. This will make a 90 degree bend.

Step 2: Feed material through to bend past 90 degrees. This step is very easy as it almost self guides.

Step 3: Flip the rollers around from step two to put the flats of the dies out. Feed the material through to flatten the hem over, only tighten enough to flatten or the material may stretch.

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