Heavy Duty Box and Pan Brake (click for info)

Heavy Duty Box and Pan Brake (click for info)
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  • Item #: BP-2
  • Manufacturer: Preferred Metalfab Inc.

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Our Heavy Duty Box and Pan Brakes have many of the same features as our standard duty machines with many additional features.  They have an increased capacity of 14 ga. steel (with hardened blades) and 12 ga. aluminum with standard blades. They feature four sided replaceable shear blades and a spring loaded shear hold down which keeps the material in place while cutting and acts as a safety guard.  They have a fully adjustable apron with bushing pivots and a removable angle that allows bends as close as 1/2" apart.  They have various sizes of removable fingers to allow for bending of four or more sides on a part to make complex parts not possible with other machines.

Check out the Shear/Brake Combo and the Manual Brake  tabs for more info.


10ft. Heavy Duty Box & Pan Shear/Brake Combo-$10,230.00

8ft. Heavy Duty Box & Pan Shear/Brake Combo-  $9,835.00

10ft. Heavy Duty  Shear/Brake Combo-               $8,700.00

8ft. Heavy Duty Shear/Brake Combo-                  $8,340.00

Wheel Kit-                                                         $275.00

Support Tubes-                                                  $100.00

3/16" Radius Bar-                                              $150.00

1/4" Radius Bar-                                                $150.00

5/16" Radius Bar-                                              $150.00

3/8" Radius Bar-                                                $150.00

1/2" Radius Bar-                                                $150.00

Electric Bend Stop-                                            $250.00

Shear Back Stop-                                              $375.00

Hardened Shear Blades 10ft.(for use with steel)- $1,300.00

Hardened Shear Blades 8ft. (for use with steel)-  $1,100.00

Checkout our demo video for a closer look and to see our machines

and accessories in action.


Removable fingers allow for bending of four or more sides.

10ft. machines have 10-6", 10-4", 4-3", and 6-2" fingers

8ft. machines have 8-6", 8-4", 4-3", and 4-2" fingers


An adjustable apron brace allows for fine tuning of bends

to get perfect results.


Replaceable four sided shear blades and optional hardened blade

will give you may years of cutting.


Fully adjustable apron with bushing pivot points and a removable angle that

allows for bends as close as 1/2" apart.


Adjustable brake head allows adjustment for

material thickness and optional radius bars.


Optional electric bending stop allows you to setup for a bend

and bend multiple parts exactly the same.


Optional Shear stop allows you to shear multiple parts to the same size with accuracy.


Optional support tubes(sold separately) on the front and

back of the shear and brake are like a built in table to

help handle large sheets.


Our optional wheel kit (sold separately) allows you to safely

move the machine right to where you are working and roll it

out of the way when you are done.



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