Shear/Brake Combo Unit (click for info)

Shear/Brake Combo Unit (click for info)
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  • Item #: CU-1
  • Manufacturer: Preferred Metalfab Inc.



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Our Shear/Brake combo is the ultimate machine for building aluminum race car bodies. This machine is priced comparably to other machines that only do one of it's operations!! With it's .040 aluminum shearing capacity and its 16 ga. bending capacity (even thicker for shorter pieces) it is all the machine and more needed by the racer or race shop. It's compact design doesn't take up any more space than an average brake alone which allows for more valuable shop space. All of our sheet metal brakes have an integrated radius bar and pinned connections for quick transition between radius bending and tight bending.

10ft.  Combo -        $6,225.00

8ft.    Combo -        $5,875.00


10ft.  Shear only-  $4,315.00

8ft.    Shear only-  $4,056.00


Wheel Kit-                 $275.00

Support Tubes-       $100.00

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Radius Bar Demo

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The shear is located directly below the brake for ease of use

and compact design.  The brake opens as the shear cuts,

and opens wide enough to allow large lips to pass through

with ease (approx. 4" lips will fit through opening). The

shear will cut .040" aluminum (shorter

lengths of .060" aluminum can be cut also).


Our optional sheet supports are easily removed for storage

and make handling full sheets a one person job.  We also

have an optional wheel kit that uses the hydraulics of the

machine to lift for easy movement and sets it down for

safe operation.


The Radius Bar simply drops down and after moving one pin

forward on each side of the head, you are ready to make

.75" radius bends.


The shear/brake combo comes in a 8ft. and 10ft.

version and is fully hydraulicoperated using a

key fob style remote. 


The pinned connections make moving the brake head

back for radius bending a quick and easy operation.

Our optional wheel kit uses the machines hydraulics to

safely lift the machine so you can roll the machine to

where you are working and roll it out of the way when

you are done.


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